Egg Steam Bun and Tofu Pad Pak
Grouper Ceviche and Shiso Mojito
Hamachi Guachile  and Salmon and Jalapeno Enoki
Radishes Salad and Heirloom Ceviche
Uni Salad and Orange Gelato
Mariquitas con salsa de Ajo y Flan de caramelo
Crab Cake and Cuban Sandwich
Brioche  French Toast and Banana bread Puddin
Poached pear and Coconut Meringue Panna Cotta
Kobe Beef Carpaccio and  Thai-Chi-Lada
Veal Chop and New York Strip Steak
Molecular herb appetizer and Oyster trio
Steamed  Mussels and Grilled Artichokes
Beet Salad
Smoked Salmon Canapés
Chicken Setai
Chamomile Tea
Almond crusted Halibut
Sushi Burrito
Micuit de Canard
Vegetable Tagine
Old Fashioned
Thai Spring Rolls
Classic Blody Mary
Fruty wine sangria
Pink Strawberry Lemonade
Thali Plater
Serrano Pepper margaritas
Rubharb Pie
Duck Foie Gras and mango Confit

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